A. How to Get Started

  1. Setup game length by setting number of periods and length of periods in the Edit Clock menu.         At this point you don't need to adjust the other controls.
  2. Load or Create a Team for both Visitor and Home.
    a. The Create Team command will help create a simple team quickly for the game. Individual edits can be made by pressing on the player name for one second and changing the name, playing time limits, etc.
    b. After a team has been created, in can be used for future games by using the Load Team command.
    c. The +Player command will appear after a team is loaded or created to allow additions to a team.
    d. You may decide not to load/create one or both teams. If so, the score and game time can still be tracked, but no individual statistics are kept.
  3. Tap on the player name to toggle whether they are in the game or not. A yellow pinnie will appear if they are currently not in the game.
  4. Start the game clock at kickoff by tapping on the game clock at the top of the screen. It will stop automatically at the end of each period, but if you need to pause the clock for some reason, just tap the game clock again.
  5. When a player scores a goal, provides an assist or gets a yellow or red card, press on the player name for 1 second and assign the goal or card, then press accept. The overall score will be updated appropriately.
  6. At the end of the period, an opportunity to add stoppage time will appear. If you don't need stoppage time, select cancel. To start the next period, press the game clock.
  7. At the end of the last period, an option to end the game, add extra periods, add stoppage time, or go into a shootout will appear.



B. How to Edit a Team

  1. Press the Edit command to move to the Edit Team screen.
  2. Press the player's name for 1 second to change the name of that player.
  3. To change the order that the players appear, press the Reorder command and then drag the player's name to the desired position. When done making changes, press Accept to commit the changes or Cancel to not make the changes.
  4. The delete command can be used to remove players from the team.