Statistical reports can be generated during or after the game.

For each player the following is displayed:

TIG - Time in Game - Playing time
I/O - Number of times in the game/Number of times out of the game
Goals - Number of goals scored and the time in minutes of the goals
Assists - Number of assists
Cards - Y indicates a Yellow Card, R indicates a Red Card. Time of violation in minutes is also given.
+/- Rough measure of effect on the game. Indicates the number of goals scored while player is in the game. +1 for a goal scored by their team, -1 for a goal scored by the other team. 
TOP - Time of Possession for each team (if enabled).








The report can be emailed or printed. Also a csv file for use in spreadsheets can be emailed as well.


A Playing Time Graph Report can also be generated to indicate when the individual players were in the game

Time of Possession Graph is also available if that feature has been enabled for the game