Frequently Asked Questions






Q. How to change the save game name?

A. By default, the save game name is formed by combining the visiting team name, the home team name, and the date. To change this name, tap in the text area with the default name, and change the name to what you would like and press return.


Q. What can be done if the game doesn't automatically recover after being interrupted?

A. The game should be saved when interrupted, thus use the Load command to restore the game. You may need to start the clock if it was in the middle of a period.

Q. How do playing time notifications work?

A. Notification limits must first be setup in either the edit clock        or individually for each player in the edit player mode (press the player name for 1 second). When the game clock is running, the playing time is checked against the maximum playing time for each player that is in the game and against the minimum playing time for each player who is out of the game. If the limits are reached, a red circle is shown above the team list as well as the violation showing up in the player list. For the players out of the game the notification will occur if their minimum playing time is in danger of not being met with the remaining time of the game. An additional 5 minutes of margin is given to the minimum time to allow for a substitution to be made.